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Sightline Strategic Services Testimonial


A few kind words from some of my great clients!

For more than 15 years, I have turned to Rhonda Bradley for valuable strategic advice and support. I greatly value her perspective, her insights, and her methodical approach to problem solving. She has provided amazing support and guidance on several projects I've initiated. I trust Rhonda completely and would recommend her to anyone looking for advice on communications and strategy. She is smart, thorough, and a delight to work with.


Mark Sutcliffe - Entrepreneur

TEC Canada chair, and CEO, Digging Deep Group Inc. 



Rhonda is a rare talent in the field of public affairs. I worked with her at United Way and continue to turn to her for expertise as a consultant. Her leadership qualities are exceptional; she can bring together varied stakeholder groups, with different ideas and needs, and find a way to get them moving forward together to advance an organization or cause. Rhonda is sought after for her strategic communications skills - she takes rough concepts and polishes them into compelling messages that engage audiences and drive action. As a co-worker and consultant, I highly recommend Rhonda.


Brendan Mullen - Senior Associate

Rise Up Strategies

Rhonda is such a professional and I trust her judgement completely. Her in-depth knowledge of government relations and communications are so valuable to Tree Canada.

Danielle St-Aubin, MBA - Chief Executive Officer

Tree Canada

We hired Rhonda to help us create a strategic plan for our organization during the height of the pandemic.  Rhonda skillfully navigated us through the many balls that were in the air and helped us focus on our core goals. She was patient and listened well to all levels from board to staff and volunteers to ensure that all voices were heard and reflected in our plan.


Since the completion of the plan, I have tapped into Rhonda’s expertise in the areas of advocacy and communications when I’ve needed a ‘sounding board’ or a professional ‘voice’.  Rhonda is agreeable,  professional and abreast of social issues.  Thank you for all your help….so far…”  


Colleen Taylor - Executive Director

Olde Forge Community Resource Centre

Rhonda provided a safe space for our on-line workshop.  In a relaxed and engaged manner, she focused our group and provided positive energy from beginning to end.

Mitchell Frank - Director, School for Studies in Art and Culture

Carleton University


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